Someone Who Witnessed The Splitting Of The Moon In India

It was Baba Ratan Hindi who lived for 700 years and became the first Sahabi (Companion of the Prophet) from India and being the oldest person to have lived in this Ummah. Baba Ratan Hindi was first a Hindu and then became a Muslim when he saw Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) in Madinah which will be explained later. He used to trade in Damascus and India.

Years after the death of the Prophet (PBUH), a group of people came to Baba Ratan Hindi and asked about the incident of when he reverted to Islam. So what he narrates is as follows.

When I was young we used to trade in India and Damascus through the route of Makkah. There was a valley in Makkah where the Quraish and other Arab people used to go with their animals, the animals used to graze here as this was a land with pure greenery. The mountains had brooks through which the water used to flow. One day we were crossing this area while there was a rainstorm. We saw a beautiful little kid who was hearding sheep’s but the sheep’s crossed the narrow brook and he was standing there with hope that someone will come and help him across because the flow of water didn’t allow him to pass.

I understood the problem and went there, I asked him of what problem he is facing, he in his language told me to help him across so I picked him up on my shoulders and helped him across. Once we reached the other side he said something in his language (Arabic) and I could only understand a bit as that was not my language , all I could understand was that the little kid said “May Allah grant you a longer life” repeating it 7 times. I had to carry on with my journey but I kept on thinking about the little kid because I had never seen such beauty and such etiquettes in a child of this age.

Years after this incident we were sitting on a mountain in a jungle in Bhatinda (India). The full moon was shining and suddenly we see the moon is split in half and then back together in its original shape. This was rather a shocking moment because we were seeing this for the first time so we started asking people that do you know how that happened? And all they would answer is we know nothing but the same as you. Weeks after the incident some Arab traders pay a visit to India and told us that it was done by a person named Muhammed (PBUH) who is from the Quraish and claims that he is the Prophet. The Non-believers demand him to show miricales so they can accept Islam and this was one of them.



It was the infidels of Makkah who asked him whilst he was sitting on a mountain to splitthe moon in half and put it back together and we will believe you, so he raised his finger towards the moon and it was split in half. I was very curious about this and had a wish of paying a visit to him so after 2 – 3 years we plan to go Makkah. We reach Makkah and we found out that the Prophet (PBUH) had migrated to Madinah. After reaching Madinah we asked people about him and they told us to go to the Mosque (Masjid-ul-Nabvi). We enter the mosque and see this beautiful person who is surrounded by his companions. It was the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

I then tell the Prophet (PBUH) that I have came from India and would like to see a miracle from you on which I can accept your religion. On this the Prophet (PBHU) smiled and replied.


“Wasn’t that enough when you helped me across the brook when I was a little kid and I gave you a Dua (Wish) 7 times, go each dua will give you 100 years of life”
Upon listening this I fell to the feet of the Prophet (PBUH) and accepted Islam, Stayed there for 15 days and participated in some battles. We never had a chance of visiting him again once coming back.
So upon this Baba Ratan Hindi lived for 700 years and this was all because Baba Ratan Hindi made the Prophet (PBUH) happy when he was a young child, remember at that time Baba Ratan Hindi was a Hindu and Islam was not even known, no Salah, no Fast, no Zakah BUT making the Prophet (PBUH) happy.

So O Muslim Ummah make the Prophet (PBUH) happy by doing good deeds and sending Daruud upon him.


Asqilani, As-Sahaabah Fee Tafseer-I-Saha
abah, Volume 2 : Page 530 – 531, Rakum 2648


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